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The Yiddish song book


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The Yiddish song book

New York : Stein and Day, 1983.

xvi pages, 204, [2] pages of music : illustrations ; 29 cm.

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Dewey Class No:

784.495694 Y


The Yiddish song book / [compiled by] Jerry Silverman.


New York : Stein and Day, 1983.


notated music ntm rdacontent


unmediated n rdamedia


volume nc rdacarrier


Songs, Yiddish


Folk songs, Yiddish




Yiddish songbook.


M 1852 .Y5

Field Ind Subfield Data
001     7410
005 Last Transction     20180513161115.0
008 Data Elements     851213s1983 nyumuz z n yid
010 LCCN   $a Record content licensor  81040331
019   $a   10826547
020 ISBN   $a ISBN  978-0-8128-2829-0
020 ISBN   $a ISBN  978-0-8128-2829-0
035 System Cntrl No   $a System control number  (OCoLC)9802062
    $z Canceled/invalid control no.  (OCoLC)10826547
035 System Cntrl No   $a System control number  (OCoLC)9802062
040 Catalog Source   $a Original cataloging agency  DLC
    $b Language of cataloging  eng
    $c Transcribing agency  DLC
    $d Modifying agency  BAKER
    $d Modifying agency  OCLCG
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    $d Modifying agency  OCLCQ
    $d Modifying agency  WSU
041 Language Code 1   $a Text/soundtrack/separate title  yid
    $a Text/soundtrack/separate title  eng
    $h Orig/intermediate tranlations  yid
047 Musical Code   $a Form of musical compositn code  sg
    $a Form of musical compositn code  fm
050 LCCN 00  $a Classification number  M1852
    $b Item number  .Y5 1983
066 Character Sets   $c Alternate G0/G1 character set  (2
082 Dewey Class No 04  $a Classification number  784.495694
    $b Item number  Y
245 Title 04  $a Title  The Yiddish song book /
    $c Statement of responsibility  [compiled by] Jerry Silverman.
260 PublicationInfo   $a Place of publication, dist.  New York :
    $b Name of publisher, dist, etc  Stein and Day,
    $c Date of publication, dist, etc  1983.
300 Physical Desc   $a Extent  xvi pages, 204, [2] pages of music :
    $b Other physical details  illustrations ;
    $c Dimensions  29 cm.
336 ContentType   $a Content type term  notated music
    $b Content type code  ntm
    $2 Source  rdacontent
337 MediaType   $a Media type term  unmediated
    $b Media type code  n
    $2 Source  rdamedia
338 CarrierType   $a Carrier type term  volume
    $b Carrier type code  nc
    $2 Source  rdacarrier
500 General Note   $6 Linkage  880-01
    $a General note  Melodies with chord symbols
500 General Note   $a General note  Yiddish (romanized) words with English translations
500 General Note   $a General note  Spine title: The Yiddish songbook
500 General Note   $a General note  Guitar chord diagrams: 2 p. at end.
505 ContentsNote 0   $a Formatted contents note  Love. Fun vanen heybt zich on a libe? = How does a love start? -- Vuszhe vils tu? = What do you want? -- Di gilderne pave = The golden peacock -- A libe, a libe = A love, yes, a love -- A cholem = A dream -- Margaritkes = Daisies -- Tum balalaika -- Papir iz doch vays = Oh, paper is white -- Libster mayner = My sweetheart -- Yomi, Yomi -- Her nor, du shayn maydele = Listen, my sweet pretty girl -- Gey ich mir shpatsirn = Once I went out strolling -- Du meydel, du fayns = You pretty little girl -- Lomir zich iberbetn = Let's make up -- Di zun vet arunter geyn = The sun will soon set -- Unter a kleyn beymele = Sitting 'neath a little tree -- Oy, dortin, dortin = Away out yonder -- Bin ich mir gegangen fishelech koyfn = I went to the market, to buy some fish there -- Biztu mit mir broygez? = Are you angry with me? -- Oyfn ganikl = Upon the doorstep -- Shvartse karshelech = Black cherries ; Children. Jamele -- Unter dem kinds vigele = Under baby's little crib -- Shlof, mayn feygele = Sleep, my little bird -- Oyfn pripetshok = On the hearth -- Shlof, mayn kind = Sleep, my child -- Vigndig a fremd kind = Rocking someone else's child (The baby-sitter's complaint) -- Rozhinkes mit mandlen = Raisins and almonds -- Dray yingelech = Three little boys -- Bay dem shtetl shteyt a shtibl = In the village there's a cabin -- O, ir kleyne lichtelech = Oh, you little candle light -- Hulyet, hulyet, kinderlech = Play, my dearest little ones -- Birobizhaner viglid = Birobidjan lullaby -- A fidler = A fiddler ; Lechayim!. In der kuznye = In the smithy -- Di bord = The beard -- Di mechutonim geyen = The inlaws are arriving -- Di soche = The plow -- Shprayz ich mir = Walking down the highway -- Dos lidl fun broyt = The song of bread -- A chazandl oyf shabes = A cantor for the Sabbath -- Bayt zhe mir oys a finfuntsvantsiker = Change for me this twenty-fiver -- Ale mentshen tantzendik = Folks are their dancingest -- A glezele lechayim = A toast to life -- Chatskele, chatskele -- Hey! Zhankoye -- Hamentashn -- Birobidjan -- Vi azoy trinkt a keyser tey? = How does a tsar drink tea? -- Achtsik er un zibetsik zi = Eighty he and seventy she -- Di mezinke oysgegebn = My youngest daughter's married -- Ch'bin a bocher, a hultay = I'm a wandering fellow -- Kum aher, du filozof = Come to me, philosopher -- Di ban = The train -- Sha! Shtil! = Shh! Quiet! -- Tshiribim -- Lechayim! = To life! -- Der rebe Elimelech = Rabbi Elimelech ; It's hard to be a Jew. Moyshele, mayn fraynd = Moyshele, my friend -- Tsum hemerl = To the hammer -- Lomir ale zingen a zemerl = Everbody sing a little song -- Hirsh lekert -- Dem milners trern = The miller's tears -- Keshenever pogrom = Kishinev pogrom -- Fonye ganev = Fonye, the thief -- Fonye dinen iz zeyer biter = Serving Fonye is very bitter -- Fraytik in der fri = Early Friday morn -- Farvos zol mayn chosn a soldat? = Why should they make a soldier of my love? -- Zayzhe mir gezunt = I must say farewell -- Yoshke fort avek = Yoshke's leaving now -- Dos fertsnte yor = In nineteen-fourteen -- A ganeyve = A robbery -- Hot rachmones = Have compassion -- Mit a nodl, on a nodl = With a needle, or without one -- Zol ich zayn a rov? = Should I be a rabbi? -- Maykomashmalon = What does it mean? -- Shlof mayn kind, shlof keseyder = Sleep my child, sleep securely -- Ot azoy neyt a shnayder = Stitch away, little taylor -- Un du akerst = Oh, you plow -- Dire gelt = Rent money -- Bulbes = Potatoes -- Bin ich mir a shnayderl = I'm a little tailor -- Vi zenen mayne yunge yorne = Where are my youthful years? ; Amerike! Amerike!. Lidl fun goldenem land = Song of the golden land -- Shikt a tiket = Send a ticket -- Eyn zach vel ich = One thing I ask -- Frayhayt statue = Statue of liberty -- Kesl gardn = Castle garden -- Lebn zol Kolombus = Long life to Columbus -- Kolombus, ich hob tsu dir gornit = Columbus, I give you the first prize -- Elis Aylan = Ellis Island -- New Yorker trern = The tears of New York -- Eyder ich leyg mich shlofn = No sooner do I lie down -- Mayn rue plats = My resting place -- Mayn yingele = My little son -- Svetshop = Sweatshop -- Dem pedlers brivl = The peddler's letter -- Arbeter froyen = You working women -- A briv fun Amerike = A letter from America -- In kamf = In struggle -- Vos vet zayn der sof? = What will be the end? -- To gey zich lernen tantsn = Just go and learn to dance now ; The Holocaust. Es brent = On fire -- Unter di churves fun Poyln = Under the ruins of Poland -- Itsik vitnberg -- Aroys iz in vilne a nayer bafel = In vilna was issued a brand-new decree -- Geto lid = Ghetto song -- Yeder ruft mich ziamele = People call me Ziamele -- S'dremlin feygl = Birds are dozing -- Yugnt-himn = Youth hymn -- Neyn, neyn, neyn = No, no, no -- Shtil, di nacht = Still, the night -- Zog nit keynmol = Never say -- Ani maamin = I believe.
650 Subj:Topic $a Source other than LC  Songs, Yiddish
650 Subj:Topic $a Source other than LC  Folk songs, Yiddish
650 Subj:Topic $a Source other than LC  Jews
    $v   Music.
655 $a   Music.
    $2   fast
    $0   (OCoLC)fst01423855.
700 AE:PersName 1   $6   880-02
    $a Name  Silverman, Jerry,
    $d Dates of flourishing  1931-
740 AE:DiffTitle 0   $a Title traced differently  Yiddish songbook.
852 Location   $a Location  TL
    $h Classification part  M 1852 .Y5
    $p Barcode  207102
    $9 Cost  $0.00

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